Advantages Thermo-Catalytic Conversion

BIOeCON G2 advantages for thermo-catalytic conversion


Further to the general benefits of G2 Technology for the improved conversion of biomass, the G2 Technology can definitely lead to a big improvement for Thermo-catalytic conversion processes:

The reduced particle size of the biomass (from > 1000 microns to less than 100 microns) will directly lead to an improved feed distribution over the catalyst and an improved conversion because of faster heat and mass transfer resulting in higher oil yields with less unconverted biomass (reduced coke) and char and tar formation.

Severe milling of wood can be reduced, resulting in lower overall energy consumption and reduced risks of plugging because of “sticky” biomass.

The G2 Technology will result in the effective removal of most of the mineral catalyst poisons (K, Ca, Si, Fe), which will be very beneficial for improved catalyst performance and stability.

A new option or possibility will be to feed the G2 Technology refined biomass in a dissolved or dispersed form in a liquid phase which will further improve feed-catalyst contact efficiency and which will make the process more robust. Disruptions in the biomas feed system will be easier to cope with in a liquid feed system, with as a result less down time due to feed system blockage and/or plugging.

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