Vision & Values


To become a creative and fruitful research network which will invent, develop and commercialize breakthrough solutions for the large scale ecological and economical conversion of biomass and biomass wastes to renewable energy, transportation fuels and high value chemicals.

To develop and patent know-how and technology for the cost-effective ecological large scale conversion of biomass.

To commercialize and/or license the above know-how and technology.

To champion fast implementation of the technology or parts of the technology, in order to stimulate and contribute substantially to the introduction of “green” renewable energy, fuels and chemicals to society.


Business & Society: Our business principle is to be “fruitful” meaning that on top of financial success we wish to excel in the development and implementation of clean and renewable low cost energy which is fruitful for society as a whole today and for future generations to come.

Customers: Our customers can be Energy, Fuel or Process corporations and/or Governmental agencies which share our values for society and fruitful development. Our customers are partners and co-developers of the future, whereby our strengths lie in the area of providing breakthrough inventions, while our partners are champions in the implementation and/or operation of new technology.

Employees: Our employees share the foregoing values and realize that our mission has global humanitarian and societal consequences. This inspires us and fills us all with a passion and energy to provide the solutions which will solve the global energy problems we are facing as fast as possible. We see our employees not as resources, but as co-creators and co-contributors in our mission. Each with his/her special individual talents. Our challenge will be to let these talents shine to the fullest, benefiting the development of the person, our company and society!

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