BIOeCON Background & History


BIOeCON is an R&D Company based in the Netherlands, founded in 2005, with the vision anKiOR plantd goal of developing cost-effective technologies to convert lignocellulose biomass into fuels and/or chemicals. BIOeCON has invented 2 novel breakthrough technologies: Biomass Catalytic Cracking (BCC) a gas phase catalytic pyrolysis process which is the basis for the KiOR process, and a liquid phase solvent dissolution process which uses an inexpensive, recyclable solvent to dissolve and break down biomass waste into components suitable for the conversion to fuel components and chemicals. Over the last 5 years BIOeCON has been developing the liquid phase solvent process in cooperation with PETROBRAS SA. An interesting application of this technology is the conversion of (hemi)-cellulose into ethers for the production of fuel additives.

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